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We have a mission here at Sports Gambling Guide of identifying the best offshore sportsbooks, as well as warning players about unscrupulous offshore sportsbooks. Sports betting help and information, gambling reviews, and detailed write-ups on the best and worst offshore sportsbooks are all available in the Sports Gambling Guide.

This is not an offshore sportsbook, rather it is a tool to educate consumers on selecting a sportsbook that will provide them with the best gaming experience. Whether you are betting football, betting baseball, or betting basketball, you must go armed with a quality offshore sportsbook and a clear understanding of what to look for in an offshore online sportsbook. So sign-up for your free Sports Gambling Guide today! Once we confirm your request, we will provide you with the appropriate download information.

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Content Overview

  • Acceptable / Questionable
    Payment Methods – The do’s and don’ts.
  • Bonuses & Promotions – Best deals, too good to be true.
  • Payout Procedures – What to look for and what to expect.
  • Licensing Jurisdictions – Not everyone is created equal.
  • Sportsbook Blacklist – Which ones to avoid.
  • Customer Service – Do they speak English? Present 24/7?
  • Years in Business – Stick with the established.
  • After the Fact – Already burned? You have options.

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VERY IMPORTANT: The Sports Gambling Guide does not endorse any particular offshore sportsbook; it simply identifies codes and conducts that are consistent with either ethical or unethical operations. If you are looking for a specific endorsement, you may contact us via email, and we will outline some recommendations. The Blacklist is provided to outline offshore online sportsbooks that have a history of problems. Overall, the Sports Gambling Guide will provide you with enough information that you will be able to choose which offshore sportsbook will best meet your requirements.

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Who We Are

My name is Gavin Devore, and welcome to Sports Gambling Guide, a comprehensive resource for online offshore sportsbook information and reviews. Today, sports gambling is more popular than ever, and there are now literally hundreds of offshore sportsbooks in operation. The purpose of this guide is to separate the good sportsbooks from the bad, and to assist the offshore gambler in choosing the best online sportsbook. This guide provides sportsbook reviews, tips for sports wagering, and detailed sports betting help and information.

I wrote this guide after having spent three years as an operations and financial consultant to dozens of offshore sportsbooks located in the Caribbean and elsewhere. This experience gave me up close and first hand knowledge of all aspects of these sportsbooks, and in this guide we provide you with an understanding of what constitutes a quality offshore online sportsbook and what separates them from the poor and unstable offshore sportsbooks.

This guide will assist you in identifying which online sportsbooks are most likely to treat you right, and which to avoid. We hope you find the information valuable, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Best Regards,

Gavin Devore

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